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EXIT nr 03, 2000
New Art in Poland

Stasys. Ark
It would be a beutiful story if the first pictures of Stasys had been brought to Poland by a dove, if it left it at the proper place and returned to the sender with an olive branch in its beak. And thought it was not so beautiful like I cannot refrain from pointing to some similarity between the biblical story and what I am going to tell in this essay. [..]
Stasys entered the 1990s as a highly regarded and popular artist with a long list of prizes and distinctions received in this country, in Europe, also in America , Asia and Australia. Within his work appeared big size productions on paper, easel painting and paratheatrical forms. It seems that finally his dream of art has come true, as did also his role in it. The world he was creating has achieved its fullness, but the world he had been referring to has largely ceased to exist in its shapes. Life is running on with Stasys in its pocket, and in Stasys' pocket there is kept a notebook and a pen prepared to produce new drawings. Life looks of course like the heroes of his pictures and he himself is similar to them. [...]
Miroslaw Ratajczak