The baby crawls until it learns to walk. I think it is much the same with art. For a painting, sculpture or a graphic work to be created, first you have to have an idea - an intention fixed in drawings and sketches. It happens that a drawing becomes the goal in itself. It is not elaborated any further.
After graduating from the Academy in 1973 I had a problem with staying in Vilnius. However, the director of my dornitory allowed me to live there for one more year at a guest room, that is an isolation ward. It was the place where I did a unique series of drawings. Why? Paper was at hand, and it was great for drawing with an 3M pencil. That series, in my opinion, is related to surrealism. At that time officially there was no such term in Lithuania, and Dali albums were confiscated by the post office. For the first time I presented those drawings in Poland at Art Exhibition Bureaus in Lódz, Torun, Slupsk and Szczecin.