Graphic art | etching

When I attended the Zhukas Technical College in Kaunas I felt that learning by itself was not enough for me. I wanted to create, invent, dream. I directed a part of that energy to New Year shows, dressing up and the like. And a part went into the exlibris. A piece of linoleum, a graver. A pencil sketch transferred into linoleum becomes a paper print after a while. I observed the joy of my friends and teachers, to whom those works were dedicated. It gave me strength to move on. And so, step by step, I learned other techniques - aquatint, etching, mezzotint. They opened new possibilities of designing more complex compositions, differentiating shades of black. During my painting studies in Vilnius l used practically every free moment to hide in the graphics studio, where I etched with acid one zinc miniature after another. I knew that I was following my own path in graphics. In those works I was independent of my professors. Towards the end of studies I learned that my graphics had won a prize at the International Biennial in Malbork. You have to remember that I was still a student. At that time in Lithuania, students' works were not accepted for exhibitions.