Graphic art | exlibris

In the following years l invariably devoted much attention to the exlibris. 1976 was an extraordinary year for me, when I fully devoted myself to the exlibris. At that time many of my works were devoted to Poles (l was still living in Vilnius): collectors who wrote to me - Edmund Puzdrowski, Grzegorz Matuszak, Janusz Szymański, Jerzy Giżycki, Wojciech Jakubowski..., art people whom I knew from the Polish press and radio, l did graphic works with the names of Magdalena Abakanowicz, Czesław Niemen, Józef Szajna. I was employed as a designer at the Vilnius Philharmonic, and I did all my graphic miniatures at that studio. In years, my attention diverted away from that discipline of art, as the range of my interests was expanding.