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I returned to the "origins of painting" in 1992, during a plein-air session at the beautiful Reszel. Let me add that it was my first plein-air. It was February. Heaps of snow. I had on me the catalogue of my Rome exhibition. It contained an article by the great Italian critic Vittorio Sgarbi, which I valued very much. He is a humanist who perceives the artistic process as if he could read my mind. I put his words in the background of one picture, and then another. This is how the whole series with Vittorio's words of background pictures was created. They were displayed for the first time in Rome, at the Spicchi dell' Est Gallery. The exhibition was called "Homo homini lupus est". During the opening ceremony, the critic Vittorio Sgarbi, whose words had contributed to the creation of that series, was expressively convincing the public about the independence of artists from critics, and vice versa. Another series, called "Disobedience", was a set of portraits in which the picture frome was a distorted framing. The face imposed the shape of framing, like the man creating a space around him or fencing out himself from the world with a wall, a special kind of frame.