Painting | oil 2

It started in the years 1974-1975. I was serving in the arny then. Since my basic weapon were pen, brush and pencil, I tried to draw and paint even in those conditions. At first glance this might seem impossible, but for me it was like a challenge. After all. I couldn't have afforded to break my ties with art. I had to do art - even in those conditions. One day I tried to paint on little pieces of paper. I realized I had created something new. It attracted me immensely. Those small pictures expressed my quest and my monologue. It was astory pf that reality, oof an urge to travel, be free and see the world.
Most works were created in the artificial light of e screened light bulb. From the dark background of those small pieces of paper there emerged houses, trees, inactive birds, animals, nameless shapes, transparent forms in nature and from the inside, things well known, seen in childhood and new, mysterious encounters of objects I like - and they kept returning to the new miniatures.