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Wooden Man
- premiere 11.10.2007
In the performance "Wooden Man", Stasys returns to the years of childhood in Lithuania, memories of his parents, simple house labour. Life, closely connected with nature, the forest, trees. chopping wood, work in the fields. As a child concidered boring and tiring, but as years go by revealing a new meaning. Going back to these childhood experiences, the artist refers to trees as metaphors with different roots, not visible but very important since they build man and the artists as well. Wood is also the basic material from which the artist creates masks, hiding new features.
Stasys, painter and graphic artist, talks about the creating proces. Printing graphics, establishing of images, painting with pastels, are like art lessons and sensitive observations of daily life and the world, directed to a youngster and adult audience.
Director of the scenographical movement Zbigniew Papis enriches sugestively the Stasys' visions. The cooperation of the two creators started during Stasys' first artistic performance "White Deer" in 1993 (premiere in Theatre Studio).